Planning A Funeral

The Liturgy of the Word
Family or friends, if they are able, are encouraged to do these readings. The Word of God brings hope and consolation. At the funeral Mass we have two readings; the first is from the Old Testament and the second from the New Testament. The Readings are not to be read from photocopies. A book will be prepared for you.


Offertory Gift Bearers
Family members or friends are invited to carry up the gifts of bread and wine. This is another liturgical expression of love for the deceased.


The grieving process includes time to remember the life of the deceased loved one. In the Catholic funeral rite, this is most appropriately done during the time of visitation or at the Vigil (Wake) Service.

Since the Funeral Mass is primarily the time for praise and thanks for God's gift of eternal life in Jesus, we discourage the inclusion of a eulogy at the Mass. Therefore, please be sure to plan for eulogies at the Vigil (Wake) Service and not at the funeral.

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